15 Feb

If you've recently purchased a smartphone, adding a case can provide an extra layer of protection while enhancing its appearance. However, with a wide array of phone cases available for sale, making a choice can be challenging. Follow these steps to help you make a decision:

Check What Model of Phone You Have

This is crucial because cases are generally designed and built to fit specific smartphone models. To see what model you have, check its packaging or instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website. The product description of a case will state what models it can be used with.

Decide What Type of Protection to Prioritise Seeking 

Cases differ in what kind of protection they can provide. So, what kind would you need? The answer will very much depend on your lifestyle. For example, if you often engage in physical activity, you should look for shock absorption. Meanwhile, waterproofing would be ideal if you are often at the beach or the pool.

Settle on a Style That Ticks Many Boxes 

You might want to pick a case with a colour or design that simply suits your aesthetic taste. But also consider situations where you'd need to take the smartphone out of your pocket. Would you use the device — with the case attached — at a business meeting? If so, you might prefer a case with a neutral appearance that isn't too distracting in such a setting.

Research Specific Cases in Depth 

Once you've narrowed down your options to a few cases that catch your eye, it's worth doing thorough research. Online, people may have reviewed those cases and pointed out issues that wouldn't necessarily show up in listings. 

For example, it might be technically possible to wirelessly charge a smartphone with a particular case, but the case might significantly reduce the charging speed. It may also be helpful to see the cases in person, which you can do at our retail stores in Ponsonby and Kaiapoi. We offer phone cases for sale at these outlets as well as via our website. Browse our selection online and in-store to find the right case for you.