28 Feb

Given how pricey it can be to purchase a smartphone, it wouldn’t be ideal for it to quickly incur damage. The good news is that the phone protectors we offer include some for the screen, enabling you to shield it at a low cost — and enjoy all of the following benefits…

Protection Against Damage from Drops

We’ve probably all accidentally dropped a smartphone onto a hard surface like concrete at some point. However, with a screen protector in place on the device, the impact is less likely to leave the display cracked or shattered. In short, you can spare yourself a visit to a tech repair shop.

Scratch Protection 

You might already know you aren’t meant to carry your smartphone somewhere — like in a pocket or briefcase — where the screen could regularly touch sharp objects like keys. Nonetheless, it is easy to forget all of this when you are in a hurry.

Reduced Instances of Eye Strain

Some protectors come with a matte finish effective at diffusing reflections that could otherwise cause glare. You might also see protectors advertised as ‘anti-reflective’, meaning that they filter out blue light shown to increase the rate of numerous health conditions, including cataracts and eye cancers.

Removal of Bacteria 

Given how often you use your smartphone both indoors and outdoors, it can naturally accumulate a lot of dirt and, with it, bacteria. Fortunately, some screen protectors feature antimicrobial properties that repel bacteria, while oleophobic coatings do the same to oil, helping to prevent fingerprints.

Higher Resale Value for Your Smartphone 

It would be ideal for you to be able to sell your smartphone later on to make some money that could go towards your next smartphone purchase. 

A screen protector can prevent even tiny nicks or scratches that, if inflicted upon a smartphone, would slash its value far more than you might have expected. Ensure your phone stays safe and stylish! Explore our diverse range of phone protectors or visit our stores in Kaiapoi and Ponsonby. Don't compromise on protection – shop now at PhoneCloud for the perfect accessory to safeguard your device!