29 Mar

Do phone cases actually work? The short answer is, yes! Phone cases do actually work, and we strongly recommend that you invest in a good one. According to a survey by T-Mobile, over 37% of smartphone owners who have damaged their phones scratched the screen. At least 20% dropped it down the toilet, too! Phone cases add an extra barrier around your phone that takes the impact of these slips, trips and falls. Though we do recommend purchasing screen protectors to use in tandem with a phone case, the cases themselves are also durable enough to save your phone in an emergency. With this in mind, here’s how phone cases work:

  1. Impact Protection – Most phone cases are specially designed to absorb shock and cushion phones if the worst happens and they fall out of your hand. Drops and impacts, particularly onto hard surfaces like tiles, can really damage your phone. Because phone cases are made of polycarbonate and silicone, padded and durable materials, a phone’s fragile components are always kept safe and secure.
  2. Scratch and Scuff Protection – Because phone cases create a strong barrier between your phone and surfaces that might be scratchy or rough, you avoid a lot of scratches, scuffs and unappealing abrasions. If you’d like to resell your phone in future, maintaining its clean and undamaged appearance is important. To protect the screen of your phone specifically, a screen protector is always a valuable addition to a phone case.
  3. Improved Grip – Some phone cases feature textured or grippy materials on their surface which means you’re less likely to drop the phone into the toilet, or have it accidentally slip out of your grip! This is particularly effective if you have a larger phone that won’t always fit snugly in your pocket. 

Even if you think you don’t need a phone case, it’s better to be safe than sorry! One accidental drop onto the concrete pavements outside, or onto your kitchen tiles, and it could be game over for your phone. To purchase a phone case that you can rely on, look to PhoneCloud in New Zealand. Our phone cases are attractive, durable and affordable! There’s no better way to protect your phone in the long-term. For more information, contact us today.