15 Mar

Is your phone not working like it used to? Is everything loading slower than it should? It’s challenging (and expensive!) to part with a phone that you’ve really enjoyed using, but sometimes it’s not too late to fix the issues. If you notice when your phone needs repairs as soon as possible, it’ll function better for longer! With that said, here are three telltale signs – delivered by the experts at PhoneCloud in New Zealand – your phone needs repairs:

 1. Battery Issues

Battery issues are one of the most urgent signs you need a new phone. Batteries can be replaced in certain cases, which means you can hold onto the mobile you treasure most. Still, for most, it’s better to be safe than sorry! If your current battery is draining quickly, not holding a full charge, suddenly shutting down or the back of your phone feels very hot, that’s a sure sign your phone battery is degrading and becoming a safety hazard – one that could bulge, swell or even explode! Replacement is the only option.

 2. Damaged Screen

One of the most obvious signs your phone needs repairs is a cracked or damaged screen. Even the smallest cracks can compromise your screen’s structural integrity and put the delicate components inside at risk. Repairs become more urgent if your screen starts to be unresponsive to touch, or demonstrates dead spots. These relate to issues with the display or digitiser, though these are components that a technician can easily replace or inspect.

 3. Connectivity Issues

A sluggish or overly-hot phone is a definitely damaged one in need of repair, but a lesser known symptom of a phone on the blink is poor connectivity. Phones with connectivity issues, like dropped calls, poor signal strength or Bluetooth problems, could have faulty hardware or software issues that need addressing. When the troubleshooting steps you can carry out yourself fail to resolve such problems, it’s time to seek out a properly qualified technician. For refurbished phones, tablets, laptops, new parts, phone cases and a whole host of related accessories, explore the PhoneCloud website. If you’ve recognised the signs you need a new phone, opt for our affordable and attractive options. Our products are always of a high quality, and our care-focused customer service is second-to-none.