ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 Disposable Pod Mod 6000 Puff (3mg/mL) Blue Raspberry Lemon screams summer and is perfect for cooling off on hot days. Blue Raspberry Lemon is an exciting blend of flavors that’s refreshingly fun! It has a wonderful citrus flavor that tastes like you’re drinking a blue cup of lemonade. The flavor of this delicious vape is fruity and sweet with the perfect touch of lemon to make your lips pucker at first puff. Grape Blackberry is best suited for a relaxing break during a hot afternoon or after a strenuous day at play. Grape Blackberry Vape is a lovely little creation that bridges the gap between summer and fall with ripe blackberries and juicy, super sweet concord grapes, it’s a year round favorite and will change your mind! Green Voodoo is a delicious zesty vape that has a banana, lychee, mint flavours. This would be the ideal vape to have on a very hot day. Once you dip in to this vape, you’ll be itching for more. This terrific vape will put a spell on you! Pineapple Grapefruit combines the power of citrus with delicious taste of pineapple. Bring a feel of the tropical sun and sea to your porch or backyard with this fresh and bright pineapple, grapefruit vape. Super sweet pineapple gets cut with tangy/bitter grapefruit! You’ll take a puff and think “WHOA that’s sweet!” and then suddenly the grapefruit shows its face and saves the day! Watermelon Ice sure is a tasty treat, perfect for a relaxing afternoon outside, or even a fancy-ish dinner with friends. Who doesn’t love the sweetness of watermelon? It’s the perfect fruit to cool you down. Watermelon Ice will help keep you hydrated all day. There’s nothing quite like watermelon ice on a sunny day.

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