THIS PRODUCT IS LONGER ELIGEABLE FOR SALE FROM THE 21st DECEMBER 2023. FOR ANY ENQUIRIES ON THIS PRODUCT THEREAFTER, PLEASE CALL OUR AUCKLAND STORE ON 096002621. Blueberry Raspberry Ice With every inhale and exhale you’ll get a mouth-watering mixture of blueberries and raspberries. Its aromatic berry flavor with a mild and alluring scent will ruffle up your taste buds instantly. Tangy and sweet, with such authentic flavor notes, surely it makes an outstanding e-liquid flavor. Grape Ice The grapes are sweet and sour, fresh and full of aroma. The juicy grape with a cool taste is the perfect choice for lovers of refreshing tastes Grape Berries Ice The mixture of berry and grape delivers a taste of balanced sweetness with thick fresh aroma on the inhale. Then, flows of splendid coolness take control, making you crave more. Guava Kiwi Passionfruit The mixture of sweet guava, sour kiwi, tangy passion fruits will flood your mouth with their signature tropical flavor tones on inhaling. On exhaling, the slight blend of guava, kiwi and passion fruit will last to a perfect ending. Lemon Cola The refreshing cola taste, with the fragrant lemon aroma, makes a joyful ending on the exhale. Multiple Mango The fragrance of mango is rich; the sweetness is perfectly right. The cool taste raised the refreshing taste of mango to another level. Strawberry Ice Cream Ice cream loaded with fresh sweet strawberries magically creates a tasty experience for each of your inhales. Sour Apple On the inhale comes this refreshing sour and sweet flavor of green apples. With each puff after, its bold sour flavor and its lasting sweetness playfully linger in your mouth intoxicating your senses for a long time. Watermelon Ice Sweet watermelon flavor with refreshing mint aroma. Soothing, relaxing, and satisfying, it is sweet and delicious.

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