Pure elation is the purpose of this plug and boy does it deliver! Made from premium quality alloy metal, this plug features a light weight construction to make all-day wear an easy possibility so you can experience anal bliss all night long. The smooth metal and tapered shape allows for an easy insertion that gradually increases width stretching the anus and pressuring the nerves along the way. Once fully inserted, this plug can be moved around to stimulate the P-spot and other erogenous zones within the anus until you reach the big-O. This plug isn't just physically stimulating either, the gleaming silver is contrasted with a coloured gem pr Crystal gem at the base that is a great visual stimulant. For those of you who want to get even more out of your plug, this toy can be used for temperature play thanks to the metal material which makes it up. Simply place in water at the desired temperature and wait for ten minutes - this will bring the plug to the desired temperature and make it ready to be used for icy cool chills, or hot and spicy thrills!

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