Experience the RELX MagicGo 4000, a cutting-edge disposable vape with 30% more puffs, thanks to FEELM MAX™ ceramic coil. Offering 35% better flavor consistency and 55% smoother draws than regular mesh atomizers, it features a transparent tank, premium metallic design, and 18mg/mL nicotine concentration. Elevate your vaping with enhanced longevity and superior flavour. Mint: Cool, refreshing Mint is perfect for mint lovers. Its sweet taste makes it ideal for all-day use Mint Green: Enjoy this Mint (Green) vape flavour - a refreshing blend of sweet spearmint and icy menthol for an invigorating experience Rum Tobacco: Savor the rich essence of Rum Tobacco vape e-liquid. Immerse yourself in the smooth blend of robust tobacco and warm, indulgent rum notes Spearmint: Invigorate your senses with Spearmint vape e-liquid. A crisp and refreshing flavour that delivers a cool burst, perfect for a revitalizing vaping experience

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