Size: 30ml. Nicotine Strengths: 25mg and 50mg. VG/PG Ratio:50/50. Apple Tobacco: Its name indicates the somewhat peculiar but completely enchanting combination of roasted tobacco and juicy apples—proof that opposites attract and can make exceptional flavours. The most prominent note is the rich and earthy tobacco, coupled with slight smoky undertones. Soon, however, the nutty flavour meets its match when the fresh and juicy notes of red apple overcome your senses. The tart and crispy notes match the tobacco perfectly, creating a unique vaping e-juice that you simply must try. Fuji: It is no surprise Fujiapples have taken the world by storm—their crisp texture and sweet juiciness are unmatched. As such, Pachamama’s Fuji Appleseeks to transform these unique traits into a delicious nicotine salt meant just for you. However, there is more to Fuji Applethan meets the eye. The blend features complementary flavours that turn Fuji Apple into more than just yet another apple vape. First, you’ll taste the distinctive tartness of strawberries, only for nectarines to take over your palate just briefly during the exhale. This makes Fuji Applea mouth-watering blend that gives the starring role to the eponymous fruit. Honeydew Melon: Not every vaping juice has to be a complex mixture of flavours and notes. Sometimes it’s best just to deliver the right taste, blended to perfection. That is precisely what Pachamama’s Honeydew Melondoes. Developed by the flavour experts at Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Honeydew Melonbrings the best note profiles of the eponymous fruit into a delicious nicotine salt format. Each puff provides a unique sweetness that is ripe with mouth-watering juiciness and the unique fruity-floral taste of honeydew. Crisp and refreshing, Honeydew Melonis a nicotine salt you just simply cannot get enough of. Icy Mango: Can you combine in a vape the warmth of tropical mango with the cooling and refreshing blast of ice you expect from menthol? Of course, you can—provided you vape Pachamama’s Icy Mango, a blend meant to give the best of the world’s favourite tropical fruit alongside a cooling sensation for the ultimate island breeze experience. The delightfully sweet notes of juicy, ripe mango coat your senses as the cooling explosion from menthol transforms it into an icy-cool blast that is reminiscent of a refreshing mango ice cream. A treat for your senses. Sorbet: Few treats are better to quench your thirst during a scorching hot summer afternoon than a delicious sorbet. The cooling sensation and fruity sweetness are the perfect combination to fight the heat. If so—why don’t you make Pachamama’s Sorbetyour new favourite summer vape? The flavour experts at Charlie’s Chalk Dust have created an impeccable sorbet blend by combining the zest charm of ripe melons with the delightful tart juiciness of raspberry juice. Add a blast of coolness, and it transforms this delicious fruit combination into a sorbet-like vaping experience. Starfruit Grape: A unique nicotine salt unlike any other, Pachamama’s Starfruit Grapeinnovates in the world of vaping by blending two fruits hardly paired together. The result? An explosion of flavour that balances sweet and sour profiles. Upon the first inhalation, you will distinguish the unique flavour of starfruit—sweet with prominent sour undertones, delivering an intense, mouth-puckering rush of flavour. Soon enough, however, the experience turns delightfully sweet with a burst of juicy grape coating your taste buds. A complex and layered flavour experience that is unlike anything else you’ve vaped before.

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