Exploring the Features of the Iget Bar Plus 6000 Puffs Pod Kit - A 38mg, 2-Piece System Indulge in the exquisite vaping experience offered by the IGET Bar Plus. Crafted meticulously by Kiwis, this gem utilizes Nicotine Salts to deliver a smooth, satisfying throat hit. It's highly recommended to pair this pod with the IGET 600 mAh Pod Kit to unlock its full potential. With a Nicotine level of 38mg, it's tailored for those who crave a stronger nicotine hit. The IGET Bar Plus is not just a disposable pod; it's a ticket to a realm where flavour and satisfaction reign supreme. Multiple Flavours, IGet pod kit Iget continues to redefine vaping excellence with its Multiple Flavours offering in the IGET Bar Plus. Originating from the innovative minds in Kiwi land, the Nicotine Salts formula ensures a balanced, enjoyable vape every time. The IGET 600 mAh Pod Kit is the recommended device to unveil the full spectrum of flavors and nicotine satisfaction. At a Nicotine level of 38mg, it's designed for the discerning vaper. Please note, this is a Restricted Product and adherence to local regulations is advised.

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