BS37 Dancer, outdoor wireless speaker, BT V5.0, with 1800mAh battery, for 3 hours of music, support BT, FM, USB, AUX, TWS playback mode 1. Speaker: 8 inches 2Ω15W. 2. Battery: 1800mAh, A grade, 18650. 3. BT specification: BT V5.0 Zhongke Blue Flood. 4. Function: support BT playback / BT TWS connection, FM, USB, AUX playback mode, support wired microphone input. Support independent switch of colored lights. 5. Charging voltage: DC 5V, charging time is about 2.5 hours. 6. Music time: about 3 hours (at 80% volume playback). 7. Sizes: 592*510*388mm. Weight: 1.9kg.

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