Phone / Tablet / Laptop Repairs

Any Brand, any Model.  Chances are, we can fix it on the same day, if not once parts arrive or via our network of technicians.

We stock parts for common and popular devices.  We have suppliers in Christchurch, Auckland and China.  So for some devices we don't stock parts for, they are likely a day or 2 away or even available same day for an emergency delivery charge.

Keeping our prices fair, we don't choose cheap parts and profit over quality.  We primarily use 3rd party parts as most independant repair companies and have access to genuine parts too.  All our repairs come with a 3 month warranthy and 6 months on batteries.  We will not mislead our customers saying "original" parts, as this often misleads a customer to believe they are getting genuine parts, but the meaning is "original 3rd party" parts.

The owner has over 20 years experience in the I.T industry with 10 years experience in the mobile phone and tablet industry.  This is all experience with repairs and also selling accessories.

What Kinds of Damage Can Occur?

Though getting a case for a device can give it a resilient layer that would better protect it from potential damage, mishaps can still happen. Here are some types of damage that can come about but we can also rectify with our phone repairs services: 

  • Cracks in the enclosure: Are you prone to dropping your device? Even if you have slipped it into a case, cutouts on it might have left certain parts of the hardware exposed to knocks and, as a result, the risk of cracking.
  • Broken screen: While a screen protector attached to the smartphone’s display can effectively shield it from scratches, you shouldn’t expect this layer to be capable of comprehensively preventing the screen from cracking or shattering.
  • Worn-down battery: Does your smartphone run on a lithium-ion battery? If you have recharged that regularly over several years, you might have noticed the battery failing to hold a charge for as long as it once did — a sign that the battery is now wearing out.
  • Water damage: Though many new smartphones have water resistance built in, this might not be the case for your particular handset — meaning that it could too easily incur water damage if you drop the device in a puddle or down the toilet.

As we have a broad remit in laptop, tablet or mobile phone repair, we can also fix many other types of damage not specifically listed above.

Should You Get Your Device Repaired or Replaced?

In some situations, it might be best to replace a broken smartphone; for example, if it has stopped receiving security updates to its software. In many instances, however, repair would work out better than replacement — for reasons including the following: 

  • Repair is often cheaper: It is especially likely to be so for you if the damage is relatively minor and limited to just one or two small areas.
  • Repair can be better for the environment: That’s because a high percentage of the carbon emissions produced by a device result just from its manufacture.
  • You wouldn’t have to try getting used to a new device: It could be a surprising hassle for you to attempt becoming accustomed with a replacement device.

How to Contact Us About Repair Work

To enquire about any of our tablet, laptop or phone repairs services, please ring us on +64-096002621 or +64-034216605.