Sour Batch E-liquid in 30ml Bottles Bottle size: 30ml Chubby Bottle VG/PG ratio: 50/50 Made in the NZ Flavour Profile: Sour, Candy Nicotine: Salts, 20mg, 30mg and 50mg Not For Sub-Ohm Vaping You asked for it, so here it is. A deliciously sweet vape juice that pleases all your sweet tooth cravings! If you have an uncontrollable need to consume the good things in life, you have found the perfect e-liquid. The Sweet Factory range has been cleverly crafted to hit all the right receptors, giving you an unrivalled and unforgettable vaping experience. Fizzy Feijoa: Fizzy Feijoa has a refreshing and zesty flavour when inhaling. The fresh flavour of soft feijoa is followed by a light fizz sensation that completely transforms the flavour into a sweet and soft jubulicious experience. If you were particular to a soft gummi style candy in the good old days, this vape juice will take you back with just 1 puff! The perfect mix of sweet and tartiness in this flavour is rounded off nicely with the pop of fizz that leaves a very pleasant sensation, well after you’ve finished vaping. Gummi Bear: Gummi Bears vape juice is thick with flavour, and perfectly sweetened. With the ‘red and yellow’ flavours hitting you on the inhale and the sweet jelly candy flavour coming through on the exhale, leaving a light candy aftertaste – So good! Were you a fan of the reds? The oranges, yellows or purples? Not the greens tho eh… No one liked them! They were always the last ones in the pack that were only eaten after all the other ones were gone! We got rid of those greenies and focussed on the flavour favourites, the reds and the yellows (not to be mistaken with orange – that’s a different flavour altogether). The end result is an amazing blend of sweet gummi deliciousness, sweetened to perfection, so you’re left with the most memorable vape flavour and no worries about the calories. A must have for lovers of sweet vapes. Fizzy Peach: Fizzy Peach vape juice has a full and sweet vapour. The candied peach is thick and sharp on the inhale, and the light sourness is balanced out by the flavour of fizzy sherbet, on the exhale For those who loved a soft, gummi style candy in their days, Fizzy Peach vape juice will hit the mark! There is a particular type of sweet zing that only comes from a peach lollie, and we have captured exactly that – and wrapped it all around a delicious sherbet style fizz. This e-liquid is perfect for those who like a nice sweet aftertaste. Milk Bottle: Milk Bottles is full and creamy on the inhale and the exhale, and the sweet jelly candy flavour has a very long lingering sweetness, leaving a very nice aftertaste. This is a very full flavour that takes you back to a time when milk came in a bottle, and there were only 2 choices of milk types; homogenised or non-homogenised. A simple time when you were led by your sweet tooth and you could eat Milk Bottle candies all day, without a single thought of bad teeth or gaining weight. We never knew how good we had it! Our Milk Bottles e-liquids are dairy free Sour Batch: Sour Batch comes to you, direct from the zest fields of Zang Town! The jaw zingingly tartiness hits you the moment you pull the vapour into your mouth and is quickly balanced by the extra sweet, sherbet style flavour on the exhale. This flavour is so different from any other product on the market we could probably create our own gibberish to explain it! Get the zingpow right in ya pangwallet and it’ll hit yer yingpah where your zingzang expected a zowhang! Loosely translated to: Get the sour hit right in your mouth hole and it will kick your flavour receptors with an absolutely unforgettable experience of sweet and zest. This flavour is amazing! Heads up, this flavour is fairly hard on your coils, so you may run through them a little faster than normal. It’s well worth it tho!

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