Enjoy Cool Banana vape juice - a sweet, creamy blend of ripe bananas and icy menthol for a refreshing experience. Try our Icy Guava vape juice for an exotic tropical flavour with a sweet and tangy twist. Perfect for fruit lovers. Experience the zingy blend of lemon and lime for a refreshing and lively vaping sensation. Savor the cool, refreshing taste of Iced Black Tea vape pods. A delightful blend of bold black tea with a chilling twist Longjing Tea vape pods: Experience the cool, refreshing essence of green tea infused with a hint of minty ice. Invigorate your senses. Iced Hibiscus Tea vape pods blend floral hibiscus with refreshing ice for a cool, unique vaping experience. Try it now! Experience our Rich Tobacco vape flavour - bold, smooth, with hints of caramel - for an authentic smoking experience.

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