Designed with both form and function in mind, it is comparatively slimline providing the protection your phone needs without adding the extra bulk. Therefore, while being protected at all times, your iPhone will still easily fit within a pocket or a bag. The rubberised edges surround the sides of the case, providing anti-slip protection so you can be assured of a good firm grip on your iPhone With a stylish design, the Verus Damda Glide for the iPhone provides your phone with an attractive protective case that is sure to be noticed by your family, friends and work colleagues Use the convenient sliding door that is built-in on the case to store a couple of credit cards or ID. This means you can leave your wallet or purse at home, as your flexible friend is stored away inside your iPhone case ready for when you need it. The Damda Glide features cut-outs for all of the ports, such as the charging connector and camera. This also means you can leave the phone in the case and enjoy all of its features, ensuring it is protected at all times Designed with the phone in mind, this case compliments the features of the iPhone. PHOTO IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY!!!

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