THIS PRODUCT IS LONGER ELIGEABLE FOR SALE FROM THE 21st DECEMBER 2023. FOR ANY ENQUIRIES ON THIS PRODUCT THEREAFTER, PLEASE CALL OUR AUCKLAND STORE ON 096002621. Specifications: Capacity: 15mL Coil: 1.2Ω Mesh Battery: 550mAh Rechargeable Charging: USB Type-C Aloe Vera Apple: Featuring a delicious blend of aloe vera and apple flavors, this truly unique disposable vape has a 15mL capacity and is USB Type-C rechargeable, so you can make every puff count! Blackcurrent Soda Sensation: Discover your Go2 with Go2's invigorating Blackcurrant Soda Sensation. This 15mL rechargeable disposable vape is sure to satisfy with its deliciously revitalizing flavor. While the taste is unmistakably unique, the experience is unmistakably, the Go2. Blue Razz: Get ready for a burst of tart Blue Raspberry flavor with Go2's Blue Razz. Featuring USB Type-C charging and a generous 15mL of E-Liquid, this vape is the perfect Go2 for an adventure-seeker like you! Cappucino: Whether you're on the move or standing still, Go2 Cappucino is every coffee lovers Go-2 for a delicious, rich vape treat! Filled with 15mL of coffee goodness in a rechargeable disposable package, so you can get your fix without ever missing a beat! Perfect for busy bees who don't have time to grab a real cappucino! Pineapple Blast: Be prepared to get blasted with this tropical Go2! It’s icy pineapple flavor will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey, and its 15mL size and rechargeable features ensure your travels will last as long as you need ‘em. Strawberry Grape Fushion: Introducing Go2's Strawberry Grape Fusion! Enjoy the sweet flavor of a juicy strawberry and zesty grape combo in this ultra-satisfying 15mL disposable vape. With USB Type-C charging, Go2 will have you re-charged and back on the go in a flash. Delicious and convenient, what more could you ask for?

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